Message To our Citizens

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A message to our citizens

The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting, serving, and maintaining peace for the citizens of Toombs County. Sheriff Kight has an open-door policy and encourages citizens to come in when they have a problem or need information.

The Sheriff is committed to ensuring his entire staff is properly trained in order to continuously enhance their ability to serve our citizens. Our deputies and staff are expected to be professional and courteous to the public at all times.

As part of our dedication to public service, our agency utilizes a reasonable budget, and is always working hard to ensure that we are making every effort to keep costs low for our county tax payers. The Toombs County Sheriff’s Department has a full-service law enforcement agency with the following divisions: Patrol, Criminal Investigation, 911 Central Dispatch, and Drug Task Force. The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office also operates the Charles Durst Detention Center, and provides a safe, humane, secure environment for the staff and inmates.

The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office provides security for the Toombs County Courthouse, Superior Court, State Court, Magistrate Court, Probate Court, and Juvenile Court. We also serve warrants and civil papers for the courts, maintain a sex offender registry for this county, and actively monitor sex offenders that reside in Toombs County.

The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office believes that community policing is vital to the prevention of crime before it happens. We encourage our deputies to patrol the community and get to know our citizens. We also encourage our deputies to walk through our schools and get to know our students and teachers. By working with our citizens, together we can minimize crime in our county. If you see any activity that may constitute a threat or danger to any of our citizens or authorities, bring it to our attention. 


    Need to Contact Us?

      Here are a few ways to reach us…

    In the event of an emergency CALL 911

      Not an Emergency? We’d love to assist you!


Sheriff’s Office Administration

Sheriff’s Office Non Emergency

Dispatch: 912-526-9292

Fax: 912-526-3112

Open Records Request Fax: 912-526-3310




 Investigations Administration:


Fax: 912-526-3310




  Detention Center Administration:


Admin Fax: 912-526-7573

Records Fax: 912-526-5015




If you’d like to submit a request for a call back, please select the appropriate email above, and submit a contact request.

Someone will get back with you shortly.


Physical Address

Lyons, GA 30436



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